This location is in flood zone 3

What flood zone 3 means

Land within flood zone 3 has a high probability of flooding from rivers and the sea.

You need to carry out a flood risk assessment (FRA) as part of the planning application for this development.

Find out more about flood zones and what they mean .

To find out about other factors that might affect the flood risk of this location, you should also check:

Flood map showing the flood zone your site is in

The map shows the flood risk to your site and the surrounding area.

A map showing the flood risk for the location you have provided
  • Icon showing what flood zone 1 looks like on the map. Your site boundary
  • Icon showing what flood zone 3 looks like on the map. Flood zone 3
  • Icon showing what flood zone 2 looks like on the map. Flood zone 2
  • Icon showing what flood zone 1 looks like on the map. Flood zone 1
  • Icon showing what a flood defence looks like on the map. Flood defence
  • Icon showing what a main river looks like on the map. Main river
  • Icon showing what a flood storage area looks like on the map. Water storage area
What the flood map shows

The flood zones in the map show the areas of land at risk of flooding. They:

  • only show flood risk from rivers and the sea
  • are based on present day flood risk, they do not show how it may change in future because of climate change
  • ignore the effect any flood defences shown could have

Download the flood map for this location

The flood map is suitable for a local planning authority to use when checking a planning application to see if a development is:

  • in flood zone 1, 2 or 3
  • within 20 metres of a main river or a flood defence
  • a water storage area (also likely to be flood zone 3b in the SFRA)
Add a reference to the flood map and set the scale

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Select the scale of the map shown in the report

Decide what you need for your planning application

You should:

  • contact Huntingdonshire local planning authority to check their planning requirements
  • get an FRA, you'll normally need to pay a flood risk specialist to carry it out

Order flood risk data for rivers and the sea

The flood risk data usually includes:

  • detailed flood data
  • historic flood event data
  • modelled flood levels and extents
  • flood defence locations and attributes

We aim to email you the data within 20 working days or sooner if we can.

Order flood risk data

For developments in flood zone 3, your FRA should include an assessment of all sources of flooding and take into account climate change allowances.

Find out how to do an assessment .

Get help deciding what flood risk information you need

Email the Environment Agency team in East Anglia at:

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